Sunday, October 30, 2011

Goodie of the month club - brought to you buy ajoyha's creations

3 Month subscribtion to the treat of the month club brought to you buy - ajoyha's creations. 
Each month you or the recipient of your choice will receive a homemade package of goodies. 

January - 1 dozen Chocolate chip cookies
Febuary - 1 pound Dark Chocolate Fudge
March - 1 dozen snickerdoodles 
April - 1 dozen Oatmeal Raisin Cookies 
May - 1 Dozen Chocolate chip peanut butter cookies 
June - 1 dozen thumbprint cookies 
July - 3 dozen Russian Tea cakes
August - 3 mini banana Bread Loaves
September - 3 mini Pumpkin Bread Loaves 
October - Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies
November - 1 pound Pumpkin Fudge 
December - 1 pound White chocolate Cream filled cookie Fudge

If you would like to alter or personalize the goodies you get or give month to month just let me know! If you have a special request not listed here I would be glad to add it!

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